BUILDING EMOTIONAL AWARENESS (Adults,Parents and kids) –

Online Emotional Self Awareness Classes


My daughter really enjoyed the class.  After the first class she told me I need to teach your what I learned in the class today.  – Rekha, parent

Thank you so much for this class. I became aware of things that my child didn’t mention to me directly about his emotions. It was time well spent on reflecting and acknowledging your feelings. You are amazing with kids.  -Mona, parent

These lessons are catered to make a person more conscious about his or her own feelings.  It also provides different exercises that help folks take necessary actions to act appropriately. At LeadWithGOOD we strongly believe that a person with high EQ (Emotional Intelligence) will be the leader of tomorrow as they can not only control their own emotions, but understand them, communicate them and will be able to perceive not only theirs but others to execute and manage their lives in a healthier way to communicate and understand their family, friends and peers.

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During this 2 week 1 hour session participants will learn:

  1. Techniques to help them eliminate stress and introduce healthy living
  2. Recognize difference between sensation, feelings and emotions and be more aware of how they experience these in their body.
  3. Identify their emotions, realize that it is ok to experience such emotions and self-soothe and work through some of these emotions

In this 2 part class we will cover:

  • What is a sensation, a feeling and an emotion? We will practice how your body tells you what you feel. How does your body express on the outside what you feel on the inside.
  • Continuation on emotions and strategies to handle 4 common emotions – happy, sad, mad and scared.

We will also discuss how these similar strategies may be useful for some other emotions.

Classes – for $24.99. Workshop will be offered in 2-3 parts 

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PARENT WORKSHOPS (Kids Age 12 years and under) –

Anna Seewald

  • How To Get Your Picky Eater To Try New Foods  – Avoid common parenting mistakes you could be making that sabotage your child’s eating. Easy to follow strategies to get your picky eater to eat and like his green vegetables. Is your child a fussy eater or she has a feeding disorder? 
  • Discipline That Works-no bribes, no rewards, no punishments – Tired of daily power struggles? Why kids really misbehave. True discipline solutions that get your kids to behave and cooperate. Easy to use practical tips for frustrated, busy moms for typical behaviors that push your buttons. No need to give in, no need to punish. Why rewards and bribes are harming your relationship and what to do instead. Why time-outs backfire and the truth about consequences. 
  • How To Get Your Kids To Listen – Get your kids to listen without nagging, saying it a 100 times or yelling. The secret to cooperation is effective communication. Use conflict to develop a stronger relationship to your kid(s), teach problem-solving skills, and handle challenges with grace. 6 powerful steps for a deeper connection. Learn to be an empathic listener. With easy to follow, hands on tips you will respond in the moment and not lose your cool. Stay calm, composed and mindful. 
  • Setting Limits in 5 Powerful Steps – Is your child refusing to put her pajamas on or brush her teeth or listen when you say it’s time to do for something? Does she complain, stomp her feet or have a meltdown? Do you use threats or yell out a consequence that doesn’t even make sense? Setting limits is an essential part of parenting for raising responsible, compassionate and helpful kids. 
  • Emotion Coaching- anger, frustrations, tantrums and beyond – With practical real life scenarios, role play and hands on tools. In this workshop you will learn how to raise emotionally intelligent kids who have increased confidence, better performance at school, better health and great social relationships. -5 keys to successful emotion coaching -listen empathically -empower your child to problem solve (5 steps) -understand & regulate emotions (a biggie!) Yell-free household, increased patience, deep emotional connections

You can Pre-register for Parent  workshops by signing up below. Raise emotionally healthy children. Tools to deal with tears and tantrums, Ability to understand feelings, Managing anger. Find out basic emotional needs of children and learn how to meet them. Cultivate empathy, connection and social insight. Help your children to process their emotions. The key to human happiness and well being is the ability to feel and have emtional freedom. The combination of having strong Emotional Quotient + Character Value Quotient is integral for the children of today who will become the adults of tomorrow.

90min session – for $30. Workshop will be offered in 2 parts 45min sessions

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Tamrah Barber

  • Teen Workshop – Discovery Program – Module 1    

    XTL360™ is transformational leadership and personal effectiveness training for preteens and teens who want to achieve extraordinary results in every domain of their life. Our goal is to equip young people with leadership tools that will enable them to set ambitious goals and achieve extraordinary results in their life. Whether your teen is a scholar, visionary, and trail blazer…or lazy, unmotivated, disorganized, and clueless (or any space in between). This training is for them!

    • They will participate in exercises that allow them to identify limitingbehaviors that hold them back from being the best they can be.
    • Teens will be able to explore how their experiences and belief systems impact their choices.
    • They will have the opportunity to shed the limiting beliefs they have held, and create a space for for-giveness, love, and connection. And from a clear and unrestrained space, gain new tools to overcome difficult challenges and explore possibilities.
    • They will learn key leadership distinctions that will support them in their vision for their life.
  • Individual Parent Coaching Sessions – Get expert advice and compassionate answers to your parenting questions with one on one sessions with Tamrah. Get help and do not feel alone with the challenges of parenthood raising teens. You could be facing a very specific issue or want to change something, Tamrah will help you to navigate through the emotional journey of parenting. Learn how to interact with your Teenagers in ways that will build strong communication and transform your relationship.
  • Individual Teen Coaching Sessions – Extreme Teen Leaders vision is to create a world where the teens in our community are well-rounded, spiritually,morally grounded, and successful in every domain of lives. Bring your challenges, questions, concerns to Tamrah. She truly believes that empowering, Equipping and Encouraging teens makes impactful, successful and Extraordinaries leaders. Our vision is to see teens that are becoming the next generation of philanthropists, doctors, computer scientists, sculptors, actors, and musicians. Get your one to one seesion with Tamrah. Lets talk, discuss,address and explore
  • Group Coaching (up to 8 clients) –  Extreme Teen Leaders vision is to create a world where the teens in our community are well-rounded, spiritually and morally grounded, and successful in every domain of their lives. Our vision is to see teens that are becoming the next generation of philanthropists, doctors, computer scientists, sculptors, actors, and musicians. Believing that anything they set their mind to is possible. Teens caring for their elders, respecting one another and valuing life. Being a contribution to our world, givers, and committed to making this earth a better place for the next generation. 

    Our mission is to:

    • Empower youth in the community to become impactful leaders.
    • Equip youth with key leadership distinctions that will support them in navigating life successfully.
    •  Encourage youth to set goals and accomplish the extraordinary.
    • Extreme Teen Leaders (XTL) is committed to being their possibility partners!

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These lessons are catered to make a person more conscious about his or her own feelings. It also provides different exercises that help folks take necessary actions to act appropriately.

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2 Day Introductory class !
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  • I enjoyed the class. It has given me a better understanding of how everyone can feel differently around the same situation/events and that is ok. I feel that I can respect others and my feelings more. – Anjana, student, 10 years
  • I experienced strong feeling today when I learned that in my new class I only have 1 other friend. I was able to use what we learned in the first class and figure out the sensations! – Diya, student, 12 years
  • After class my daughter came running down to explain to me about what she spoke with you. She is so enjoying herself. Thank you so much for being such an amazing teacher! – Lakshmi, parent
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