Step by Step to create Kite

Step by Step to create Kite

Posted by : admin | Posted On : April 13th, 2016 | Kids Art and Craft

By Tanya Saggi

Step by Step:Kite


















Hey kids! Let’s do something more creative today. I’m sure you would love to play with paints. So let’s draw kites and I will show you how to paint them easily.

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Click Here to Download the pdf to draw Step By Step Kite

1. We start with drawing a diamond shape, which will be the body of the kite.







2. Now let’s draw a tail for the kite’s body.












3. Inside the diamond shape, we make horizontal and vertical lines by joining the ends














4. Right next to it, make another kite the similar way.













5. Now, take a white oil pastel and carefully draw the lines outside the bodies of both the kites.











( This way when you paint, the color will not go outside the boundary of the body )

6. Let’s take out our water colors and paint! You can paint the kite with your favourite color. My favourites are yellow and green J
Kids, when you paint with water colors, it is important that you take a little bit of paint and more of water.



















7.  Now we paint the ribbon ties on the tails of the kite. 












8. Wait for it to dry, then take a colored marker and make any pattern in the kite. You could make circles, dots, lines, a triangle, a square, anything you feel like. 












9. As I mentioned before, working in layers is always better. So we take color pencils of the paint you have put in the kite and color above it 












10. And finally you give a little background to make the kites stand out a little. And there you go! You have your kites ready.










Good Work !!


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