Is it Your Creativity or It is your Perspective ?

Is it Your Creativity or It is your Perspective ?

Posted by : admin | Posted On : April 12th, 2016 | Emotional Intelligence, Inspiration

By Tanya Saggi

Is it Your Creativity or It is your Perspective ?

Creativity is the ability to create or think or see or hear something that hasn’t been manifested in a tangible form before. And the vision it takes to execute it is perspective. They both go hand in hand. A different and new perspective breeds creativity.

Creativity is the demonstration of transforming new and innovative thoughts into reality. Creativity is portrayed by the capacity to see the world in new courses, to discover concealed examples, to make associations between apparently disconnected marvels, and to produce arrangements. Creativity includes two procedures: considering, then delivering. On the off chance that you have thoughts, yet don’t follow up on them, you are innovative however not inventive.

It is your perspective that sets you apart from the others. Would Salvador Dali be the savior of modern art if he didn’t see the world the way he did? Would Vincent Van Gogh be an inspiration to so many artists if he hadn’t painted in the uncanny manner that he did? The answer is no. Perspective has brought about a revolution in every aspect that we deal with today. Be it politics, art, medicine or science.  When some sort of knowledge is planted in your brain, you develop it through your vision; how you perceived it and how you communicate it further. For instance, Stephen hawking’s brain was embedded with the idea of singularity; it was his perspective of the universe because of which he came up with a single equation which described the birth and death of existence.

When an artist is painting his canvas in impasto form, being close to it and painting it doesn’t make sense. It seems like chaos, but when the artist takes a few steps back it all begins to make sense. A picture is formed.

There are a hundred possibilities to everything thought, every action, every trouble, every creation. So, the next time you have an idea to manifest, don’t hold yourself back. If one path doesn’t work out, keep in mind there are plenty more.
Where there is will, there is way!


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