How To Have A Positive Attitude ?

How To Have A Positive Attitude ?

Posted by : admin | Posted On : October 6th, 2016 | How To, Inspiration, Happiness

How To Have A Positive Attitude ?

To we often hear comments like “You need to be more positive, or Positivity is contagious.” We joke around with family, friends, coworkers even strangers. Everyone has a different level of energy that translates to what we perceive to be happy, exciting, positive etc.. ENERGY, a word we use a lot, is directly connected. So how do we as people, stay positive, think positive and spread happy positive energy to our surroundings. First, let’s understand the concept of “Energy” as per online definition Energy is “the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. “changes in the levels of vitamins can affect energy and well-being”. So, it is something that stimulates a reaction within us, matter in motion. Example: peers, music, incidents, everything affects you through it’s energy.

It is a fact, what comes around goes around. The vibes you give to the universe, the universe gives it back to you. Positive energy is pretty contagious. You know when some people just seem beautiful from the inside? It’s the aura they have. When you attract the positive energy around you, people you interact with also get influenced. There are various ways of creating and giving off positivity around you. But to induce and create from within here are some simple tips to help you increase your positivity:

LIVE IN THE MOMENT : the power of now has been underestimated and ignored by a lot of people. To be oblivious of the tensions of the past and the worry of the future is the key to a positive attitude.

EAT HEALTHY : very basic yet crucial aspect of a positive life. When you eat good, your body stays healthy and energetic. Which helps you to concentrate your ‘energy’ in positive manner.

YOGA : yoga has been a part of the Indian culture since ancient times. It has proven to cure a lot of physical and mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, digestion etc. It makes you focus on your inner-self, cleanses your aura.
BREATHE : you wouldn’t think that a thing such as breathing would make you positive, right? But it does. Notice your breath when you are enraged. Its fast and of small span. A sign of your positive lifestyle is calm and soundless deep breaths. By practicing this you attain control over your ‘energy’.

BE WITH NATURE : In our materialistic driven life we forget to make good use of the resources we have been blessed with. Spending time with nature gives you time to deal with the troubles and sort them out. “Me time” is very important to keep your ‘energy’ in check.

Now, the various way to create positivity around you becomes a natural instinct once you are positive yourself. It comes from the smallest and normal acts of kindness. Such as  :


  • pass a smile to a stranger
  • pay the toll for the car behind you
  • help a blind cross the road or in daily chores
  • work for an NGO
  • give free hugs!
  • Talk about positive things in life
  • Make a sad person feel better
  • Be a good listener
  • Paint something for a friend
  • Tell someone how good they are
  • Compliment a stranger
  • Donate clothes, shoes, food to the needy


It takes courage to be kind and polite and remain positive, it’s harder to be happy and easy to be negative and sad.  Lead your life with good.

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