How Do I Help ?

How Do I Help ?

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What Happens when you ask children to write “How Do I Help” ?

With so much technology around it seems our brain keeps taking lot of input, but how to give it a outlet. We feel creative writing or even simple writing helps children to explore and express themselves. Writing enables Your creative juices flow . It gives everyone a creative outlet, and can be also very calming or therapeutic as well. Many psychologists recommend writing to express feelings and perhaps examine them. Through writing, you can use your imagination and pretend anything you want and help the reader to do the same. Remember Being creative and pretending is part of being human

We used writing to incorporate the element of “Empathy” and asked them 3 questions around “Help“. Children learn empathy both from watching us Adults and also from own experiences. As parents when we show empathy towards others and our children they also develop trust and tend to show same behaviour to others, Empathizing with children requires us to understand their their physical and emotional needs. We also should understand and respecting their individual personalities with right guidance. As we mentioned children also develop empathy by watching others . They notice how we treat others and them also. You can see the results in video itself.

Exercise given to children – 

We asked kids 6-8 years old to author a book with 3 questions.
  • How can I help ?
  • How do I help ? (Write 2 different ways you help)
  • Why do I help

Result – 

Children did a very impressive job and it makes you wonder and think – being Parents, Individuals or Adults. 

They all in this craft activity made a booklet with his/her thoughts on helping / being helpful. Below You can download the pdf version to see child’s honest views on why they need to help and how they think they can be helpful.




 Also Here is the link to Video for your view :-




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30 responses to “How Do I Help ?”

  1. The beautiful innocence and realness of children. Love their responses to the question from doing my chores all the way through to loving and serving.

  2. It’s absolutely wonderful when kids want to help. When they ask this question, parents should do whatever they can to make sure it happens. Helping throughout childhood carries over into adulthood! Great post!

  3. robin rue says:

    My mom always told me to teach my kids by setting a good example. They absolutely notice everything we do, so that is our chance to teach our kids the qualities we want them to have for life.

  4. Jackie says:

    This is so cool. Great article and very cool concept. Really interesting how they can come up with things like this.

  5. This is a great project and a great idea. I know that I need to take time out of my day to unplug and get my creative juices flowing or I am not helpful or empathetic haha! I could learn something from the kiddos.

  6. I love gaining insight into a child’s mind. We are working on reading and writing this summer, so I’ll keep this activity in my pocket for our sessions.

  7. what a great video and teaching tips. It is so hard to teach these concepts and videos are so helpful.

  8. What a great project for kids in lower elementary grades. I love the honest answers that these kids have given.

  9. Janel b says:

    What a great follow-up activity for children. I’d be really curious what many children have said answering these questions.

  10. Marcie says:

    This is a really interesting idea! I’ve been trying to teach my 3yo about empathy, but it’s been tricky. Maybe I need to break it down into these questions, too.

  11. karen says:

    Love the entire vibe of this! It not only helps children see the value of their part in helping others, but it gives adults a peek inside what they are thinking!

  12. Carolyn says:

    I love that it teaches empathy and that is a super important thing to teach kids. I want to try this out on my 9 year olds.

  13. Such a great video and reminder to talk to the kids about empathy and how they can help; that’s one of our main themes in our family…helping others. Love it :)

  14. Elizabeth O. says:

    Kids are amazing and they’re the best teachers when it comes to how we should treat each other. I think it’s a good exercise for the kids. Teaching them kindness is important.

  15. Amanda Love says:

    It’s really nice how kids would react to certain questions or exercises. They are filled with so much goodness and wisdom beyond their years. I had fun watching the video and reading their responses! So sweet and loving!

  16. Joanna says:

    This is a great exercise for children as it makes them think and analyze their decisions. Children learn a lot from the adult’s behavior as well so we should always take care on what we teach them.

  17. Jeanine says:

    This is really great, and I will try to do this with my kids. I think it would be really successful and may teach us a thing or two. Kids learn by example, and in our family we teach empahty and compassion always.

  18. Empathy is such an important skill to learn. Sadly, I think many adults forget about it as we grow older. We can learn a lot from our kids and how they would be of help.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Children are truly so sweet. I love how they always want to help and get involved with others.

  20. It is so important that our next generation learns empathy towards others. Teaching these values young is the best way to ensure they grow up to be well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society.

  21. This is such an interesting way to introduce children to such an important lesson. I love seeing their answers and how they feel about helping others.

  22. Rahul Khurana says:

    Writing is the best thing to express the feelings and to know what children actually feel is by making them do this. This is a nice read. Children are always creative than the adults. :)

  23. This is really a great idea! We should be a good example to kids but most of the time they are the one who will teach us things.

  24. I love these kinds of exercises with kids. I would love to do this one with my daughter because I think I would get great answers from her.

  25. Brittany says:

    I have three little ones and I love seeing how innocent they are. They’re so precious and I love talking to them to see what they’re thinking and to get their take on things.

  26. Kristin says:

    I so want to try this with my own eight year old. What a great exercise to tap into their empathy!

  27. Katriza says:

    Wow I’ve never really thought about this but I love your analysis of it all :) Definitely going to go and try this out now :)

  28. anvita says:

    This is such a brilliant idea. I never thought of it but it is surely something I am going to explore.

  29. CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg just love this!!! Now I’m curious on what my daughter express through something like this since kids are definitely very creative when it comes to expressing themselves

  30. Yeu Doi says:

    In the tech era, teaching kids something that requires a personal touch is a great idea. They are amazing!

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