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Gurunanda’s Happy Breathe Yoga helps to incorporate yoga and yogic breathing .

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GuruNanda’s Happy Breath Yoga






  • Relieves stress.
  • A unique form of yoga and yogic breathing that can be easily incorporated into today’s extremely busy lives.
  • Cultivates skills to make new friends, build network and how to be a good friend. 
  • Helps your children to process their emotions.
  • You laugh and laugh
  • Can do it as a family, promotes family time


GuruNanda, also known as Puneet Nanda, is a successful entrepreneur-turned-yogi. His business accomplishments,including the successful oral care brand, Dr. Fresh, earned him 2011’s Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and an active position with the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). However, 16-hour workdays filled with stress, poor eating habits and lack of exercise took a dire toll on his life and his health. After an emergency trip to the hospital with chest pains during what turned out to be a severe anxiety attack, he rediscovered the yoga he loved as a child growing up in India. gurunanda-photo His transformation included a 40-pound weight loss, which helped significantly lower his cholesterol and optimize his blood pressure. His commitment to yoga,yogic breathing, meditation and an Ayurvedic diet has helped him combat a host of prior health issues, such as back pain,insomnia, depression and sleep apnea, virtually without medications. GuruNanda’s self-realization has been so profound that he sold his former business and is now committed to sharing his journey with everyone. First, as a full-time yoga student, he expanded his knowledge through reading, attending seminars and traveling to ashrams around the world in order to deepen his practice and meditation. He used his passion for medical studies to research the science behind each yoga pose and how the moves benefit the human body. After studying with many yogis around the globe, he became an accredited yoga instructor officially affiliated with the Yoga Alliance.

GuruNanda’s hard-won philosophy is all about enjoying life without judgment or expectation.He is a huge proponent of ancient India’s laughter yoga, which has been proven to possess a variety of total body-mind-spirit benefits. His simple yogic approach to life serves to foster greater happiness, well-being and peace of mind. He and his company strive to develop resources and products based on this positive and holistic foundation. Inspired by his personal transformative experience, GuruNanda has developed GuruNanda’s Happy Breath Yoga, a unique form of yoga and yogic breathing that can be easily incorporated into today’s extremely busy lives. His new book, GuruNanda’s Happy Breath Yoga: Wall Street Yoga, the first in the GuruNanda’s Happy Breath Yoga series, presents the most efficient 14-minute combination yoga, yogic breathing and meditation routines for everything from insomnia to back pain to road rage.He believes that so many people are Type A “Wall Street personalities” like himself, even if they don’t work in finance. Multi-tasking stay-at-home moms, students who are studying hard while working to pay off loans, and freelance creatives meeting rapid fire deadlines are all prone to the physical and psychological fallout of a harried and high-pressure world.The efficient and effective routines, advice and tips in this book are designed to turn distress into de-stress.


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