Emotional Quotion + Value Based Education

Why Emotional Intelligence + Value Based Education


We believe that through the understanding and learning of values and emotional self-expression, young adults can be nurtured to be conscious leaders who will be able to handle the challenges of global communities. While STEM education programs continue to grow and be promoted both in school and out of school, we believe in helping young adults understand self-expressions in its most simple form.Practicing in their families will provide them with the right foundations required to be happy, creative and ethical members of society.They will become capable of handling situations and making decisions in a manner that will allow them to learn, grow and succeed.

Lead With G.O.O.D.™ program not only promotes youth understanding but also understanding for parents and other adults that are dealing with children on a day to day basis. The combination of having strong Emotional Quotient + Character Value Quotient is integral for the children of today who will become the adults of tomorrow.

  • Ability to understand your feelings and the feelings of others
  • Right brain thinking
  • Ability to express your emotions positively and effectively
  • Ability to nurture and grow that results in healthy ways of thinking and behaving with yourself, families and others around you.
  • Ability to understand the difference of right from wrong
  • Ability to understand important human values such as Love, Right Action, Peace, etc.
  • Ability to judge and make decisions on the values most important to you
  • Ability to be open and understand global and local issues that are prominent in your family and communities
  • Be able to tackle life challenges in a positive manner. A happier outlook towards life
  • Being more aware and compassionate human being
  • Stronger decision making skills
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Foundation for strong character
  • Values: hold in high esteem; regard highly
  • Values Concepts: ideas, beliefs or understandings one has that guide and are reflected in one’s behavior
  • Values Education: the process of providing opportunities for the continuous development in all students of the knowledge, skills and attitudes related to certain values which lead to behavior exhibiting those values
  • Character: attributes or features that make up and distinguish the individual; the complex of mental and ethical traits making a person, group or nation
  • Character Concepts: actions, attitudes and practice that characterize a person. Acting honorably under all circumstances, even when it is to the disadvantage of the self
  • Character Education: the proem by which positive personality traits are developed, encouraged and reinforced through example, study (history and biography of the great and good) and practice (emulation of what has been observed and learned)
  • Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to recognize one’s own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different feelings and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior. There are three models of EI.

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These lessons are catered to make a person more conscious about his or her own feelings. It also provides different exercises that help folks take necessary actions to act appropriately.

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  • I enjoyed the class. It has given me a better understanding of how everyone can feel differently around the same situation/events and that is ok. I feel that I can respect others and my feelings more. – Anjana, student, 10 years
  • I experienced strong feeling today when I learned that in my new class I only have 1 other friend. I was able to use what we learned in the first class and figure out the sensations! – Diya, student, 12 years
  • After class my daughter came running down to explain to me about what she spoke with you. She is so enjoying herself. Thank you so much for being such an amazing teacher! – Lakshmi, parent
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