Dr. Krishna Verma

Dr. Krishna Verma

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Living Healthy lifestyle,Organic Gardening and How it connects to your emotions ?

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Dr. Krishna Verma


Healthy Lifestyle and Organic Gardening






  • Healthy Lifesytle.
  • Organic Gardening.
  • How it connects to emotions 
  • You do it as a family, promotes family time


In today’s technologically fast-paced world in which few people get a chance to be outside for a few minutes a day, Krishna Verma is a rarity; he has had his hands in the soil as an agriculturist for the past 60 years. Dr.Krishna Verma completed his PhD in Physics from Memorial University in St. John’s, Canada. He is a retired scientist from Lucent Technologies, who currently resides in Freehold, NJ with his wife Gita Verma. His passions include the significance of growing/purchasing/consuming organic foods, maintaining a healthy diet, balanced nutrition, and disciplined eating habits based on the teachings of his guru Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He has implemented this in his everyday life. He inspires and spreads this knowledge by routinely conducting study circles and workshops in his local and other Sai Centers. During the summer he spends countless hours in his backyard garden. One of his first rituals is to feed the birds, a practice that he started over 30 years ago.  His garden is full of a variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, cherries, berries, nuts and flowers all raised completely void of chemicals or sprays. You will also find butterflies, earthworms, etc. in his garden creating perfect environment for these fruits and veggies to flourish. He recycles his indoors and outdoors waste by creating his own organic compost which is the prime source of nutrition for the garden.Krishna Verma has been gardening since he was a little boy. Nowadays he also motivated and helped others in his community start their own garden and begin to compost as well.


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