Emotional and Character Value Quotient for Kids.

Each 45 minutes class starts with a laughter or meditation exercise followed by various human values such as love, right action, peace, etc. with a focus on emotional intelligence.  The lessons are curated to make children more conscious about their own feelings and that of others. It also provides different exercises that help them manage their emotions to prevent reactive responses.


Kids will learn:

  1. Classes include affirmations, visualizations, laughing and meditation exercises which have been found to help eliminate stress in a person.
  2. Everyone, children and adults alike, have feelings.
  3. Ability to recognize their emotions, realize that it is ok to feel such emotions and self-soothe and work through some of these emotions
  4. Understand various human value concepts and ideas to make a difference in their communities

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Topics we cover

(some or all of these topics maybe covered based on the length and curriculum of the class offered)

Emotional Self-Awareness

Helps child be better aware of their emotions, teaches them to express what they are feeling and channels their emotions in a positive manner. Child will be able to better communicate what they are feeling with their parents.


Tips for kids to stand up for their beliefs, choices, likes, dislikes, thoughts and opinions.

Self-Regulation/Impulse Control

Activities and ideas for a child to control their impulse. This module will encourage them to think before they act and provide some exercises to encourage that behavior.


This module makes a child aware of other’s point of view, enforces caring and respecting what others may feel.

Social Responsibility

Child will learn different ways to help, when it is important to help themselves and when it is better to call for help.

Gurunanda’s Happy Breathe Yoga

Necessary skills to make new friends, build network and how to be a good friend.

Reality Testing

Child learns to differentiate between what he or she can trust or not, what is a reality versus fantasy and expands his or her vision of what the world is like

Problem Solving

Child learns important skills to find a solution, resolving conflicts

Stress Management

Child will recognize what stress feels like, what situations are stressful to him or her, how does that affect their mood and different things they can do to relax.


Child learns about how to deal with negative thoughts and emotions and different way to stay positive and think happy thoughts.


Child learns to feel good about him or herself, have fun and enjoy others.

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These lessons are catered to make a person more conscious about his or her own feelings. It also provides different exercises that help folks take necessary actions to act appropriately.

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2 Day Introductory class !
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  • I enjoyed the class. It has given me a better understanding of how everyone can feel differently around the same situation/events and that is ok. I feel that I can respect others and my feelings more. – Anjana, student, 10 years
  • I experienced strong feeling today when I learned that in my new class I only have 1 other friend. I was able to use what we learned in the first class and figure out the sensations! – Diya, student, 12 years
  • After class my daughter came running down to explain to me about what she spoke with you. She is so enjoying herself. Thank you so much for being such an amazing teacher! – Lakshmi, parent
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