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Lead With G.O.O.D™

Great + Obsessive + Out of the box + Disruptive ideas and vision that change the way we see the world.

Lead With G.O.O.D.™ strives to promote  a positive change in lifestyle and to shape unique approaches to life. It’s Lead With Good’s mission to strengthen the bond of families by empowering them through emotional intelligence, leadership and value-based education. We do this by offering real-time classes both online and in person. 


  • To encourage those who are part of our community to better communicate with their families and raise the next wave of global leaders.
  • To create a conscious lifestyle company that will promote experiences which will be fun, interactive, educational and enlightening for the whole family.
  • To innovate the personal development industry and create communities by engaging families globally through an online experience that allows for real and meaningful conversations.

We bring a unique approach to family life!


  • Inspire your young leaders and nurture them to be the leaders of tomorrow
  • Teach them to embrace ideas with greatness
  • To think out of the box and own their power

All leaders have one thing in common they lead with Great, Obsessive, & Out of the box Disruptive ideas, they Lead With G.O.O.D™.

These leaders are not just born they are inspired, nurtured and they invest in knowledge and build a network of supporters based on the values they live by. These support systems start from the time they learn to manage a lemonade stand and from time they learn to have the emotional connections with others; learning to be empathetic and implement assertiveness when it’s needed. We are dedicated to sharing and inspiring future and current leaders to share their G.O.O.D Formula to create the next generation of leaders. Both parents and young adults have an opportunity to learn together, while the kids take our live online classes the parents also have an option to learn and be part of the nurturing and learning to create the foundation they need for their kids to grow up with deep rooted values that evoke strong character and a positive mind.


Lead With G.O.O.D.™ is founded by three friends Aditi, Jamie & Priti who came together with a vision to create a community inspired by their individual passions and beliefs that combining emotional understanding of the self and values is integral for the development of present and future leaders.


The Spark - Jamie Cid

A socially responsible entrepreneur, Jamie Cid, loves to work with children and empower them to reach their goals and dreams through creativity and free expression. She has been volunteering as a character education teacher for over a decade, teaching programs in inner city schools, mentoring teens and college students in New York City, New Jersey and most recently Delhi, India, where she is currently residing. In addition she has guided people with their startup companies.

Her startups focus on developing online platform that build connections within communities and empower individuals to be independent and reach their highest human potential. She loves grooming her teams to be leaders who think outside the box and is quick to identify key strengths to ensure they succeed in their roles within the organization.

She led the launch of the first crowdsourcing platform for human rights (www.movements.org) a project backed by Google Ventures. She looks forward to mentoring entrepreneurs in America and India, as well as sharing her knowledge with those who are open to change. She says she is most proud of my work with youth and continue to connect, empower and ignite them to change via open and positive dialogue.

Jamie was inspired to start Lead With G.O.O.D™ as a way to promote and expand the message of human values, emotional intelligence and entrepreneurship within the individual and their families.


Tanya Saggi

Tanya Saggi is a junior at Pearl Academy of New Delhi, pursuing a Bachelor’s in Fashion media communication. Her creative interests are painting, sketching, graphic designing, photography. Her work is centered on facial portraits, semi-abstract and human anatomy which has been showcased in Books and Brew café in Chandigarh. She writes about inspirational and spiritual experiences. Please do visit Tanya at https://www.tumblr.com/blog/tanyaaasaggi

Samia Mehbub

Samia Mehbub is a aspiring writer and founder of We as Words, a website made to spread love through writing. She loves to LeadWithGOOD by promoting a positive lifestyle in "Anti-Bullying", a Facebook page made to give hope to those facing depression, bullying, and anxiety. Also, she is the author of “Inspired: To Comfort Your Soul,” a book of poems for children encouraging to take joy in the little things in life. Samia has a thing for spoken – word poetry, nature, and school. Please visit Samia at http://weaswords.simplesite.com/ 

Sukhjeet Kaur

Sukhjeet loves adventure, a reporter at heart and brings out what she wholeheartedly believes in. She has a passion for uncovering unique and compelling ways that people do to live daily lives knowing that she can help thousands of other people hear those stories.

Ankita Goyal

Ankita is very enthusiastic about travelling and love watching films to de-stress. She is true believer in helping and gifting others.Her only motto is to give and take respect from every individual.

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These lessons are catered to make a person more conscious about his or her own feelings. It also provides different exercises that help folks take necessary actions to act appropriately.

No Registration Fees, Classes Held Every Week

2 Day Introductory class !
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  • I enjoyed the class. It has given me a better understanding of how everyone can feel differently around the same situation/events and that is ok. I feel that I can respect others and my feelings more. – Anjana, student, 10 years
  • I experienced strong feeling today when I learned that in my new class I only have 1 other friend. I was able to use what we learned in the first class and figure out the sensations! – Diya, student, 12 years
  • After class my daughter came running down to explain to me about what she spoke with you. She is so enjoying herself. Thank you so much for being such an amazing teacher! – Lakshmi, parent
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